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Getting to the Roots of Root Canal Treatment

The first thing that comes to mind is: Why get a root canal treatment done in the first place?

In laymen terms, a root canal is a procedure used to treat tooth infections which the tooth has to be put under pressure to prevent the infection from spreading. Root canals are performed by creating a hole through the tooth and injecting a medication to kill the bacteria in the tooth. The medication is injected at the level of the pulp or lingual nerves.  It is a simple procedure which doesn’t have any side effects and hence requires little anesthesia and comfort during the procedure. 

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After eradicating the infection from the tooth, a dental crown is placed over the area to protect the natural tooth from further damage. This is the gist of the Root Canal Treatment. Generally, people are less concerned when it comes to a dental treatment. Hence, most patients avoid getting dental treatment done and also feel that dental procedures are very expensive and time-consuming as multiple visits are required. However, Root canal treatment is a very common dental procedure and can be carried out in one sitting.

Root canal treatment at royal dental
Root Canal Treatment in a few hours at Royal Dental Clinics

Root Canal Treatment in one sitting is not as dreadful as it sounds

A person’s dentition consists of a set of teeth that includes incisors, canines, premolars, molars. Each of these have multiple canals that need to be cleaned and filled during root canal treatment. Some teeth which have long-standing chronic infections, swelling, and abscess may require multiple sittings for root canal treatment. However, most patients complain of multiple visits to a dentist during and even after dental treatment. You’re go to dental clinic near me could be Royal Dental Clinics if you are looking to save time and your natural teeth with a little investment.

When it comes to Root canal treatments, people relate it with a painful dental procedure. They feel the pain to be so severe that they avoid treating their decayed tooth which requires root canal therapy. 

Conservation Guide for Root Canals with dentist in Mumbai

In order to keep the restorations looking their best, you must get a professional cleaning twice a year. The reason for such frequent cleanings are to remove food stains that accumulate in microscopic spaces on the surfaces of the teeth. After that, you should follow all the instructions given meticulously and inform the attending dental surgeon for any uneventful happening during your next visit. This will enable the dental surgeon to guide you and also take suitable remedial measures promptly.

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A dentist near you can easily diagnose an abscessed tooth and the subsequent need of a Root Canal treatment. However, attempting to manage the pain and “wait it out” hoping that the toothache will subside can be a risky proposition. This is because if the infection spreads to other parts of the mouth, jaw, or neck, it transforms into a true medical emergency that can leave lasting damage. By visiting a Dentist near you as soon as possible, you can have a stress-free root canal experience in one sitting.

Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai
Root Canal Treatment in single sitting or multiple sittings

Get Root Canal Treatment in single or multiple sittings!

Root Canal Treatment performed to restore the functionality and aesthetics of a natural tooth. This treatment can be done in either single sitting or in multiple sittings depending upon the severity of infection and tooth involved. Your dentist will decide whether to carry out the procedure in a single visit or multiple visits. 

Usually, root canal therapy for anterior teeth done in single visit. As they don’t have any complex anatomy compared to the posterior teeth. In most cases, root canal with fixed teeth can be restored on the same day. Ideally speaking root canal procedure is not as painful as a patient would anticipate when done with good hands. The pain related to root canal is mostly anxiety related or related to other medical conditions.

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