Wisdom teeth are the last posterior teeth to erupt. Also called third molars. There are 4 wisdom teeth in the oral cavity. 2 each in the upper and lower jaws. They are placed at the end of the oral cavity. They erupt up to the age of 29 yrs.
lip numbness is one of the possible complications of wisdom tooth removal. It happens when the nerve which lies in the vicinity to the wisdom tooth is damaged. It only causes sensation problems. It is usually temporary and may last from a few weeks to months. Sometimes the damage is permanent. The nerves running in close proximity to the wisdom tooth are inferior alveolar nerve, mental nerve branch of inferior alveolar nerve and lingual nerve. The incidence of inferior alveolar nerve damage while wisdom tooth removal is around 0.04 to 8 percent when the buccal approach is used. The damage can cause prolonged anaesthesia or paresthesia causing impairment in speech, chewing, sleep and on patients overall mental state. When a split lingual bone technique we used chances of lingual nerve damage is more. Altered sensation in the tongue, chin and lower lip are most common symptoms.
Painkillers and steroids are commonly prescribed medications in order to reduce the inflammation of the nerve. If the sensation doesn’t return back in 3 -4 months referral to a maxillofacial surgeon is needed.