Invisalign and cosmetic contouring both help in improving the smile, appearance, alignment of teeth. Invisalign are set of clear white plastic trays that fit upon the teeth. They are an alternative to conventional orthodontic treatment.  

Limitations of Invisalign 
1. Expensive 
2. The length of treatment is between 6-12 months.
3. It must be worn for minimum 22 hours causing inconvenience to patients.
4. In Invisalign cleaning of teeth should be done frequently.
5. When a set of new Invisalign are given the trays can be painful and uncomfortable.
6. Only minor orthodontic movements are possible with the help of Invisalign.
7. For rotations more than 20%, crowding and spacing over 5 mm, skeletal discrepancies of more than 2 mm, open notes, tipped teeth more than 45 degree, teeth with short clinical crowns, cases with multiple missing teeth cannot be done with Invisalign.
8. Patients with premolar extraction are not ideal cases for Invisalign.
9. Invisalign can only be done for permanent teeth. 

Cosmetic contouring 
Cosmetic contouring is the process of correcting the rough irregular edges or surfaces of teeth to restore the smile. 
1. Cosmetic contouring is comparatively cheap.
2. It can be done in a single sitting within short time avoiding frequent patient visits. 
3. It can solve multiple dental issues in single visit.  
Invisalign plays a role in correcting bite and alignment of teeth whereas cosmetic contouring focuses on color, shape, texture and size of the teeth.