Importance of Waterpik | Patient Information

Waterpik is one of the most efficient oral self-care device available in the market. It is also called as oral irrigator or water flosser. Waterpik cleans the teeth and below the gums. It uses pressurized jet of pulsating water to clean away food particles, bacteria and plaque. It cleans between tightly spaced teeth which floss unable to do so. Also, tooth brush bristles aren’t small enough to clean efficiently and effectively in between the spaces. 

Indications to use Waterpik

1. Patient with braces
2. Fixed prosthesis 
3. Tight contacts between teeth or crowns 
4. To clean around implants 
5. Periodontal maintenance
6. Diabetic patients 

Water pins are very handy and easy to use.They are safe to use and contain no risk. It helps to clean the inaccessible areas in oral cavity such as periodontal pockets by clearing bacteria and debris that may be caused by early gum disease.  

waterpik used in different teeth types
Irrigator, Water teeth cleaning. Medically accurate 3D illustration of oral hygiene.

Types of Waterpik:

Mechanised device powered by an electrical outlet or batteries.

Non-mechanized device that can be attached to a water source.

Failure to remove plaque from teeth leads to gingivitis and periodontitis. Water pik is clinically proven to reduce gingivitis, periodontitis and improve gum health.

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