Importance of Dental follow-up after Treatment

Dental Follow-up appointments are extremely important and mandatory after any dental procedure. They are scheduled especially to ensure that teeth are in good health and are healing well post dental treatment. Dentist is the only person who can tell whether your mouth and teeth are healing properly and that there are no infections or any other problems present. 

Most common procedure that require a dental follow-up are :

1. Dental Implants
2. Extractions 
3. Crowns and bridges
4. Dentures 
5. Orthodontic treatment 
6. Emergency dental surgeries
7. Root canal treatment 
8. Gingival surgeries

If a Dental follow-up appointment is missed, one may experience a misfortune of ignorance which include

dental follow-up
Importance of Dental follow-up after Treatment

Infections: There is always a some risk of infection, when undergoing oral surgeries . secondary infections are a common cause if proper medication and post operative instructions are not followed. To avoid this one must never neglect a scheduled follow-up appointment.

Dry socket: It is a painful condition after extraction of tooth when the blood clot gets dislodged or is not formed in the socket. Follow ups are required to check the healing the process and for dressing to reduce the pain.

Incomplete extraction of tooth: In case of grossly carious extracted teeth an over retained root piece is of great concern that require regular follow up . 

Bone loss: If a tooth is removed by a dentist or has fallen out due to poor oral hygiene , the bone in that area starts to shrink causing bone loss . Follow ups are mandatory in such cases to discuss treatment plans with the dentist that will preserve the bone density such as dental Implants .

Prolonged Orthodontic treatment: braces enhance the smile of an individual by properly aligning the teeth. Dentist need to make adjustments throughout the process to ensure progress is on track. Without follow up appointments braces may not fit properly treatment may be prolonged and further orthodontic issues may develop. 

Thus a dental follow-up appointment is scheduled to check for complications and other oral related problems that can occur at any time after dental procedure is done. It is also designed to assess the oral hygiene of an individual and how they are maintaining the same.

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