Smile designing is a cosmetic dental treatment procedure to enhance or correct patients smile. It involves reshaping the patient’s teeth and gums for an aesthetic and natural smile. It includes consideration of teeth shape, size, colour, contours of gums and overall bite of the patient. Smile beautification enhances the patient’s confidence.

There are various methods for Smile beautification. It depends on individual to individual on the basis of study history which procedure would be suitable. Principles of smile designing:

A mixture of facial and dental composition is required for creating a beautiful smile. Facial composition- it involves proper alignment and symmetry of the face.

  1. Facial features which play an important role in designing a smile are:
    A. Interpupillary Line
    B. Lips

The interpupillary line should be perpendicular to the midline of the face and parallel to the occlusal plane. Lips create borders for smile designing. Lip line is the amount of vertical tooth exposure in smiling. Generally, an optimal lip line is when the upper lip reaches the gingival margins displacing the cervico incisal length of the maxillary central incisors along with interproximal gingiva. A high lip line exposes all of the clinical crowns along with a band of gingival tissue. A low lip line shows less than 75% of axillary anterior teeth. 1-2 mm of the gingival display is normal for females. Average maxillary incisor display is 1.9mm in males and 3.4 mm in females.

Various shapes of the face are square, tapering, square tapering, ovoid. The lateral profile can be straight, convex, concave. All these factors play a major role in determining the teeth size and shape.

Dental components:
– Tooth midline
– Incisal length
– Tooth dimensions
– Zenith points
– Interdental contact area and points
– Incisal embrasure
– Sex, personality, age

Soft tissue components:
– Gingival embrasure
– Gingival health

Dental midline: it should be perpendicular to the incisal plane and parallel to the midline of the face. The maximum allowed discrepancy can be 2mm. The centre of the philtrum of the lips should match the papilla between the central incisors.

Incisal length: average maxillary incisal display in men is 1.9mm and 3.4 mm in women.

Tooth dimension: there should be harmony between dental proportion and tooth morphology to create esthetically pleasing smile. The central incisors are the dominant teeth in the smile and are the key to the smile. The width to length ratio of the central incisor should be 4:5.

Zenith points: it is the most apical position of the cervical tooth margin where scalloping of gingiva is is located slightly distal to the vertical line drawn down the centre of the tooth. zenith point helps in assessing closure of diastema cases, for correction of tooth angulation.

Interproxial contact areas: area between the two adjacent teeth where they touch is the interproxial contact follows the 50:40:30 ratio. The increase in interproxial contact area helps to create an illusion of longer teeth by wider and also extend apically to eliminate black triangles.

Incisal embrasures: it displays a natural progressive increase in size or depth fro central to the canine. The contact point moves apically when we proceed from central to canine. The distal edge of the tooth is more rounded than a mesial edge.
Young patients show unworn incisal edge, defined incisal embrasure, low chroma and high value. Aged teeth are shorter, minimal incisal embrasure, high chroma, low value and less smile display
Females have rounded smooth delicate teeth. Males have vigorous hard cuboidal teeth.

Gingival health: Healthy gingiva is pale pink, stippled .located facially 3 mm above alveolar crestal bone located interdentally 5 mm above the intercrestal bone papilla. This gingival tissue should fill the gingival embrasure up to the contact area

Gingival Embrasure: To avoid black triangles long contact areas should be designed.this will give rise to healthy papilla instead of the blunt papilla.

Following procedures are a part of smile designing:
– Scaling and polishing
– Teeth whitening
– Light cure fillings
– Veneers
– Crowns and bridges
– Dental implants
– Gingivoplasty
– Gingivectomy
– Correction of a gummy smile
– Crown lengthening
– Lip repositioning
– Depigmentation
– Cosmetic contouring
– Orthodontic corrections

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