How to deal with a broken crown? SAPTeeth

Crown act as a way to extend the life of an existing broken crown or tooth that may be harmed due to damage or erosion. Dental crowns are external prosthesis. Extensive masticatory forces can lead to fractured or chipping off the crown, an imbalanced occlusion can also lead dislodgement of the crown or breakage of the crown. Other causes of crown fractured breakage can be trauma, biting on hard objects, clenching and grinding of the teeth all these behaviors place the crown on extra strain and render more susceptibility to crack or fracture.

Broken Crown can be fabricated using various types of materials such as:

1. Resin

2. Ceramic

3. Zirconia

4. SAPTeeth

If a dental crown is damaged or cracked one may need to see a dentist, the broken crown with sharp edges can cause soreness to the tongue and ulceration. Some may experienced hot and cold sensitivity depending upon the underlying tooth. One should examine the affected area. Inspect the crown and check if pieces are missing are dislodged if the crown is easily removable and should pull it out to prevent swallowing it.

Repairing the cracked or fracture dental crown depends on various types of material the crown is fabricated on also the amount of damage and its severity .If the chip isn’t large the dentist can repair it with resin which is a composite materials with the same color as that of the tooth in other cases the crown would only need to be reshaped or smothered . If the chip or crack is severe enough, one may require crown.

New HIPC crowns can be repaired directly in the oral cavity, Veneers are placed with light modification of the previous crown in anterior teeth. In case of resin crown a temporary repair can be made by adding resin to the fractured line or by building up a part of the dislodged crown. If the tooth surface it can be directly recommended. This is usually seen in an into-to dislodged crown where no crown structure is being damaged.

SAPTeeth Dental Crown

While repairing a crown one should always check for marginal seal and crown margins well adapted to the tooth structure. The crown adaptability and stability should be meet with. HIPC and Resin crowns can be repaired in a day directly in the patients mouth minimizing time and frequent dental visit. Whereas in case of ceramic and zirconia crown, the fractured crown needs to be repaired in lab for reconstruction. This cannot be in a day’s time and the number of dental visit is increased.

Bite Alignment Before After
Dental Treatment for Broken Crown

Crown repair or replacement is of utmost importance in order to restore the natural tooth structure helps mastication for a balanced occlusion.

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