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Excess of gingival tissue display during smiling is called as gummy smile. Smile is very subjective, some patients are ok with excessive gingival display and some are not. Gingiva is a part of the oral mucosa that covers the alveolar process of the jaws and surrounds the neck of the teeth in a collar like fashion. Gummy smile has no adverse effects it only hampers aesthetics for some patients. Abnormal tooth eruption or jaw discrepancies with improper bite give rise to gummy smile. Before going further with the treatment the dentist examines the size, shape of the tooth, face and lips to get good results to restoring in the smile. 

Causes of Gummy Smile:

Vertical maxillary excess (overgrowth of maxilla, short ramus)

Altered active and passive eruption

Teeth appear short due to abrupt eruption which may partially be covered by gum tissue

Teeth that are small in comparison to the gums due to genetics or wear

Shorter upper lip as compared to lower

Hyperactive upper lip that lifts too high when smiling exposing gum tissue

Overgrown upper jaw, that makes gums bulge out

Discover what makes a gummy smile makeover in one day possible! 

“When you are smiling your teeth should be seen or gums?” In the video, the experienced Dr. Chamria advises that a smile in which Gums are visible can be corrected in just a few minutes in one Dental visit. Dr. Arun Chamria also brings up a very remarkable comparison between the amount of teeth visible and the proportion of it to one’s age.

Treatment options for Gummy Smile:

Lip repositioning surgery: The upper lip is brought closed to the teeth by making an incision at the mucogingival junction from inside the lip . Partial thickness flap is removed and the underlying connective tissue is exposed The lip is then pulled down and sutured to the teeth . This is done so that the lip cannot retract much 

Gingivectomy: The excessive gums are cut by scalpel or laser .The gums may replase to their original position then the procedure has to be repeated a few months later .

Crown lengthening: In this both gingiva and bone surrounding the roots of the teeth are trimmed for more stable results to attain smile correction . Tooth size should be kept in mind before performing this procedure 

Gummy smile due to vertical maxillary excess: Orthodontic surgical correction is required in such cases. However if gummy smile is not associated with severe skeletal discrepancy intrusion of anterior teeth can be done . 

Proper selection of treatment options, diagnosis and patient cooperation are key factors in achieving satisfactory results for gummy smile correction.

Don’t Quarantine From A Perfect Smile That You Deserve!

gummy smile correction

Due to the on-going pandemic & most of us working from home, dental experts believe that this is the perfect time for a Smile Makeover. As venturing out of the house & attending social events are at a minimal, this time can be best utilised to get acquainted with your new transformed Smile. Nearly any dental problem you can imagine can addressed in one way or another through modern cosmetic dentistry. 

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