Wisdom teeth are the last posterior teeth to erupt. Also called third molars. There are 4 wisdom teeth in the oral cavity. 2 each in the upper and lower jaws. They are placed at the end of the oral cavity. They erupt upto the age of 29 yrs. They can erupt fully like other teeth or can erupt partially or can be impacted in the bone.

Partially impacted:
Usually seen in lack of space in the upper and lower jaw, small jaw size. So there is not enough space for the wisdom teeth to erupt fully through the gums. It tries to erupt by applying pressure on front teeth so at times patient feels radiating pain in other teeth as well. While it tries to erupt it can cause a flap of tissue to remain over the tooth. This flap causes pain and swelling in the gingival tissue. This flap can trap food and bacteria resulting in gum and pain. This is termed as pericoronitis.

If the jaw size is small and if there is no space at all for the wisdom tooth to erupt then they get stuck or impacted in the jaw bone. It doesn’t necessarily cause pain.
So not in all situations wisdom teeth hurt. The dentist will suggest appropriate treatment if needed before any major symptoms develop.