Diastema or Gaps in Teeth Correction

Diastema a means gap or space between anterior teeth. The spacing affects both adults and children. Spacing gaps between teeth or multiple teeth whereas just a single gap known as diastema. This can be a result of tongue thrusting, high frenum attachment, periodontal disease, hereditery or because of a missing tooth. Spacing between teeth closed with braces, Invisalign or through cosmetic procedures.

Because you think that, it would take one to two years of orthodontic treatment to close it. This blog post may be an eye opener for you. Today, there are several ways to close unsightly gaps. Depending upon the cause of the spaces, their size, location, and the condition of the adjacent teeth. Cost and your personal needs will play a significant role in the choice you’re your treatment for smile makeover. 

Causes of Diastema or Gaps in teeth:

Habits such as tongue thrusting , thumb sucking

Marcoglossia – Enlarged tongue

Periodontal diseases causing gingival recession, bone loss

High Frenal attachment.

Let’s read more about solution for Spaces Between Front Teeth!

Depending upon the etiology, the treatment options for diastema can be combined. For e.g.: If there is a high frenal attachment present with spacing then first the frenal attachment is corrected and then other options for space closure are undertaken . If the space closure is attempted without correcting the frenal attachment, chances of replase are more. The various treatment options foe diatsema correction are as follows:

“However, if the patients need is urgent, laminating or crowning is the choice of treatment.” Dr Chirag Chamria

Frenectomy : Tension test is done to check the mobility of the frenum. Types of frenum include mucosal, gingival , papillary, pailla-penetrating . If the tension test is positive, dentist advise surgical correction of frenum called as frenectomy. Frenectomy is performed as an adjunct ton other treatment modalities.

Orthodontic Therapy: This treatment option uses wires and brackets to put pressure on the teeth to close the gaps.

Veeners/Composite/Crowns: These are tooth colored restorations that are used to close the gaps or fixed over the teeth to improve the appearance by closing the gaps.

New evidence suggests that if there is a minor diastema of less than 1mm, it can be corrected by periodontal scaling. To know more visit royalimplant.com. If you have a space between your teeth that you don’t like and if you haven’t had it closed.

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