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Royal Dental Clinics is a hospitality destination which is located with one of the best in class interiors and advanced technologies in Mumbai. Royal offer all disciplines of dental expertise under one roof, with a full range of modern treatment options. The most beautiful, bespoke smiles are created including replacement of missing teeth with implants in just One Day, not something most Dental Clinics can offer. We have doctors who have led innovative ways of case presentation and surgeries with the help of well-equipped team of staff and admin support.Royal Dental Clinics is an award winning dental clinic in Mumbai, one of the only Dental Clinics near you which offers a complete dental platform, from preventative care to restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatment options.

Serving You The Right Way | Where Perfection Meets Unwavering Confidence

The moment, you step in the clinic, you are welcomed by the warm smiles of the well-trained staff members. You are then ushered to a private waiting room, which has a work desk and an attached washroom to suit all your personal and professional comforts. You can be at leisure or can finish that presentation in this sanctum while you wait for your treatment to start or in-between treatments. Say goodbye to those waiting rooms filled with anxious patients. Here you are placed in a cocoon of wellness and care, so much so that you would forget that you are at a Dental Clinic and just had your jaw drilled. Our reputation is built on expert skill and fantastic service, and we have over the past 3 decades, been recognized several times as the Best Dentists in Mumbai.

Royal Dental Clinics has developed safe and relaxed environment for your cosmetic treatment. Our policy of separate waiting rooms, treatment rooms, one patient per room has helped us to be unaffected despite the given situation. No doubt Royal Dental Clinics is one of Mumbai’s most celebrated dental practices and are honoured with several awards in the field of Dentistry. With world-class treatment options, cutting-edge technology, caring support staff and a soothing environment, having won multiple awards Royal Dental Clinics is one of the Best Dental Clinic in Mumbai.

Experience The Difference, Experience Royal Dental Clinics.