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Trust Your Safety With Us, Trust Your Smile With Us.

Covid-19 Safety Measures at Royal Dental Clinics.

We Are Excited To Meet You Again.

Royal Dental Clinics Welcomes You Back!

We stand together by you, for you. We have developed a safe and relaxed environment for your dental treatment. Our policy of separate waiting rooms, treatment rooms, one patient per room has helped us to be unaffected, despite the given situation of Covid-19.Β At Royal Dental Clinics, most dental procedures including consulting and final restorations; are possible on the same day. The pillars of our strength are the doctors, well-trained staff, segregated infrastructure, and advanced technology. These help us to bring out the best for our patients even in the most challenging situations.

Dental Hygiene

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has affected all our lives in one way or another and we have all had to make changes. We understand that some patients may have worries or concerns regarding returning to see us amid the pandemic. Here at Royal Dental Clinics we take our level of patient care, safety and Dental Hygiene very seriously and have implemented a number of changes to keep you safe during your visit.


One of the biggest concerns of our Dental Clinics, and of any upstanding Dental Clinics, is to provide the highest level of cleanliness and sanitization possible. It is essential for dental instruments to be properly sterilized and disinfected in order to prevent the transmission of infection. Hence, besides other protocols, we have made Routine sterilization and disinfection of tools, sanitizationof surfaces, and devices a part of our SOP.

Social Distancing

We were one of the most early adopters of Covid-19 safety measures here at Royal Dental Clinics. In fact it may be noted that many of these safety norms were already a party of the protocols at Royal Dental Clinics and are a Stand Operating Procedure since the past 2 decades.
We have developed a safe and relaxed environment for your dental treatment. Our policy of separate waiting rooms, treatment rooms, one patient per room has helped us to be unaffected, despite the given situation of Covid-19 and enable Social Distancing, well before the Covid-19 times.

Electronic Bill

As the Indian healthcare system navigates through continuing waves of COVID-19, it is already clear that some of the changes adopted during the early months of the pandemic are transforming healthcare payments for the future. Hence, we have introduced various methods of contactless payments, including payment by just scanning a QR Code and various other Electronic Bill generation and payment methods.


  • Royal Dental Clinics has 12+ dental chairs designed all in separate rooms with almost no scope of cross contamination.
  • With smart infrastructure capabilities and spacious rooms, we are able to rightfully meet the demands and safety standards of our patients.
  • Both our centers in Mumbai follow strict hygiene and cleanliness protocols.
  • Multiple waiting and treatment rooms make it possible to cater to multiple patients but with no two patients in close proximity.


  • Our use of the latest technology since the very start has helped us to complete most treatments including implants and FMR’s in one day.
  • CBCT offers 3D imaging, 3D printer for surgical planning and Imes-Coritech for CNC milling completes the chain from start to end under one roof.


  • Disinfection and sterilisation protocols are based on the guidelines set for COVID.
  • A dedicated sterilization room, surface disinfection and autoclave of dental instruments is done meticulously.
  • Disinfecting the clinic premises, ensuring standards of hygiene and safety are maintained.
  • The instruments are autoclaves as per medical norms.
  • Each of the treatment rooms is also equipped with separate equipment and instruments.
  • As far as possible all disposable instruments are used.


  • Every doctor and staff member at Royal Dental Clinics has received formal training to ensure adherence to the best practices.
  • All our doctors maintain and continuously train staff members to maintain the highest level of hygiene even when involved in lab work.



  • Clinic will call to re-confirm your appointment in the morning of your appointment date – Once at the clinic, our staff members will guide you
  • Well managed appointment scheduling and optimum time allotment ensures that appointments are spaced out appropriately.


  • Mask, hand gloves & sanitizer will be provided to you for your safety and comfort
  • Keep limited contact and avoid too many touch points
  • Electronic payments are encouraged and we have a host of payment options for your convenience


  • Do not stop at supermarket or crowded areas on the way
  • Please bring only 1 person along if required


  • Temperature checks for patients, relatives and staff on a daily basis
  • Daily cleaning and sanitation protocols to keep the clinics and its surroundings contamination free


  • Use of PPE kit with surgical mask and gloves. Only the patient is allowed to enter the operator room.
  • Gloves, New T-shirt will be provided to patient before getting into the dental chair.
  • You can refer us for tele-consulting to your friends and family.

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