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Teeth Cavity, also called tooth decay, is a hole that forms in your tooth. Caries start small and gradually become bigger when they’re left untreated. Because many cavities don’t cause pain in the beginning, it can be hard to realise that a problem exists. Regular dental appointments can detect tooth decay or Teeth Cavity early.

Did you observe any abnormality on your teeth, get it checked and fixed rite away at Royal Dental Clinic, with single day treatment. Come to us and walk away with a healthy teeth same day experiencing a painless treatment. Carious tooth can cause a lot of pain and infection if not treated on time. To prevent further discomfort and pain this patient promptly got it diagnosed. An evident recession of gums was seen associated with 1st premolar and deep occlusal caries with pulp polyp on 1st molar, mesial caries is also observed on the 2nd molar along with a missing 2nd premolar.

before After Root Canal Treatment
Before After

A bridge was placed for replacing missing 2nd premolar and a root canal treatment was performed along with a biocompatible bridge with high strength and stability. For soft tissue loss gingival grafting was performed to obtain the normalcy to the affected quadrant. Anterior fracture, damage or discoloration of the tooth could be a matter of concern for patients specially when there has been a long standing history of trauma. A similar case was witnessed by us.

If you have pain or infection due to caries, which is deep and near the pulp of your teeth; you may need options other than Dental Filling.

Filling and Root Canal before After
Before After

A reconstruction of original tooth with a root canal therapy and crown eased the patient of his discomfort and motivated him for further treatments.

Tips on preventing Aesthetic Problems during Childhood

Avoid taking antibiotics for extended period during pregnancy and giving it to your child before either year of age.

If your water supply is properly fluoridated, it is not necessary to give your child vitamins containing fluoride.

Avoid foods high in calories and junk foods, such as candy, which may promote decay.

Watch out for tell-tale signs of clenching or grinding. Have your child’s dentist look for signs of wear on the teeth surfaces.

If orthodontic treatment is required, make certain careful oral hygiene and regular visits to your child’s dentists.

Learn about restorations (fillings), which can be SAPTeeth, gold, plastic, silver, etc.

If it can be saved, don’t have a tooth extracted!

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