Full mouth rehabilitation is the reconstruction and restoration of the worn-out teeth which helps in maintaining overall hygiene of oral mucosa, tongue, gingiva and lips. In a full mouth rehabilitation one should re-establish functional and biological efficiency state where teeth , periodontal structures , muscles of mastication and mechanisms of TMJ all function together in synchronization.

Aesthetics play an important role in full mouth rehabilitation. Aesthetics in full mouth rehabilitation comprises of multiple crowns, bridges, implants along with gum surgeries and other minor surgeries. Aesthetic rehabilitation includes smile beautification, aligning mal-posed teeth, whitening of discoloured teeth, closure of spacing, gingival augmentation, restoration of fractured teeth due to trauma.

Smile designing- it is done to improve the appearance of teeth and to enhance the smile. Important factors such as form , shape, colour, size, proportion of teeth and their relation with gums, lips , oral cavity, side profile of face depend upon age , sex of an individual. Fabrication and designing of crowns and bridges are done. Study models, radiographs , photos, software analysis aids in comparing pre and post treatment outcomes.

Various gingival augmentation procedures are undertaken to smile beautification. Not all patients require gingival augmentation. Some people have gummy smile along with small crowns. To correct such cases gingivectomy or gingivectomy with crown lengthening procedure is needed. While undertaking this procedure teeth contours, form, size, shape is taken into consideration.

Aligning malposed teeth- correction of malposed teeth can be done by buccal or lingual or proximal reduction for minor cases. For major corrections along with reduction veneers are placed over the front surface of teeth to improve the appearance of teeth and enhance the smile. In severe malposed teeth orthodontic treatment can serve as a best option . Intentional RCT along with full crowns and bridges are used for correction of malposed teeth.

Implant placement- Implants are placed to replace missing teeth and crowns are given over it. Regenerative surgeries are undertaken if there is less bone available for implant placement.

Closure of spacing- closing of diastema or generalized spacing is achieved by fabricating full mouth upper and lower bridges. Various materials such as resin crowns, HIPC Crowns, Multicom crowns, ceramic crowns, Porcelain fused to metal crowns, full zirconia crowns are used. It comes in various shades . Composite restorations can also be used to correct minor spacing.

Restoration of fractured teeth due to trauma- post and core is done to stabilize the fractured teeth so that extraction can be avoided to maintain the integrity of tooth to include it in overall treatment plan .

Whitening of discoloured teeth- teeth develops stains due to certain foods, smoking, trauma, drugs like tetracycline. In such cases bleaching of teeth, placing veneers , full crowns can be done.

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