Advantages of having an in-house CBCT

Cone beam computed tomography also known as CBCT is used for imaging the oral and maxillofacial surgery areas. It is a three-dimensional imaging of the hard tissue structures. It offers advantages over conventional or multi detector computer tomography used in medicine. It has a higher resolution, shorter scan time, lower radiation dose and lower cost.

It uses a single rotation around the patients head. The rotation is of 160 – 360 degrees. The beam is in the form of a cone directed towards the patient to acquire the three dimensional image. It provides high quality imaging of the hard tissues. This information is of utmost importance for dental implant placements & planning, zygomatic implants for prosthesis in oral cancers to visualize abnormal teeth, dental trauma , root canals for carious teeth, for cleft palate , fractures to assess TMJ joints , to see mandibular nerve proximity to wisdom tooth and to evaluate jaws and face, cysts and tumours.

In house CBCT is of advantageous as the patient may not have to go to specified CBCT centres. Quick assessment of the dental defect can be done by getting 2D or 3 D imaging with an in house CBCT. In case of full mouth cases, CBCT plays an important role as one can plan implant placements and further dental procedure can be carried out. An in house CBCT is advantageous as it reduces multiple dental visits, saving time and accomplishing one day treatment. 

In this ongoing pandemic of Covid 19 in house CBCT is of utmost importance as the patients do not have to travel to other CBCT Centres. In addition are the sterilization protocols and social distancing rules followed at other center’s or not is unknown. This to avoid this risk in house CBCT is highly recommended in dental clinics.

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