A secret successful dental professional : Rule 33 percent

If you are a qualified dentist can you claim to be a dental professional? Technically Yes. But to be a successful dental professional your degree is just 33% of the requirement. You must have observed there are very good dentists who have very good knowledge about dentistry and all dental students love them for their expertise. But are they successful as dental professional?. The answer may not be necessarily yes. What more you require?

You require to be have good knowledge of economics which can give you further 33%. You must have observed that even if you require to have a dental clinic setup you need finance. How to get the finance is the first challenge? Utilising the finance such that it gives reasonable profit after you deduct all expenses, the interest of funds and your salary is very important. Even if you are not paying interest as your father have given you interest free money or if you do not need salary to support yourself. You ought to calculate your profit after deducting a reasonable interest and salary for yourself.

Now, how to get profit after deducting interest and salary requires a huge set of knowledge clubbed together as ‘economics’. Your knowledge of economics gives you another 33%.

The last 33% comes from your knowledge of law. Ignorance of law can destroy all the worthiness of academic knowledge and knowledge of economics. You get one notice from Income tax department assessing a very high tax; or getting a notice from BMC pertaining to the property tax, water bill, license to practise etc. or from a consumer court accusing you of malpractice or from a criminal court for reason connected or not connected to dentistry; you would have a nightmare.

To be able to take advantage of the policies of govt. of India that can help you and also market your practice ethically you ought to have knowledge of law. You should not be a prey to false rumors and interpretations and spoil chances of your success.

Thus, to be a successful dental professional you ought to know the 33 percent rule and also make yourself competent!

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